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Grant Inquire and Search Assistance

Have a project and want to see what funding may be available? The Office of Research and Grants can help search available opportunities to see if there is something that might align with your project.

Please complete the Grant Search Questionnaire and submit to the Grant Manager, Greg Young,

The request will be processed, and you will be notified as to any opportunities that can be located.

Grant and Sponsored Study Intake Form

For departments who already have an identified grant they wish to get approval to pursue or a sponsored study to be considered, please complete the Grant Intake Form and submit to the Grant Manager, Greg Young,

Please note the following when completing the form.

  • All outside Sponsored Studies will need an internal Principal Investigator (PI) in order to proceed. If you do not have one, the Office can assist in seeing if any internal researchers would be interested in serving as PI. However, if no internal PI can be identified, the proposal will not be considered.
  • For departments with an identified grant, the department will need to speak to hospital stakeholders and affected departments to obtain signatures from their management that they would be supportive of the proposed grant and understand and approve of its potential effects on their area. These approvals must be obtained before submitting the grant and the intake form to the Office.
  • Please review the Grant Intake Form Flowchart for review process (Attach File)
  • Completed forms can be submitted electronically to the grant manager, Greg Young, or submitted to the office in person.

The Office of Research and Grants will review the form for completeness and submit it to the appropriate reviewers for review and approval. If the proposed grant is approved by administration, the Office of Research and Grant shall then work with the department to complete and submit the application in alignment with ARMC and County Grant policies.

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Pre-Award Services

The Office of Research and Grants provides Pre-Award Services for grants at ARMC. As a County owned institution, ARMC also must comply with County grant application and approval processes. No individual or department can submit a grant proposal on behalf of the medical center without the approval of The Office of Research and Grants and San Bernardino County. Please contact the office for more information related to grant applications.

Post-Award Services

The Office of Research and Grants provides Post-Award Services for grants that are awarded to ARMC. All contracts and agreements must be approved by the County Board of Supervisors. Please contact the Office regarding any grant awards and the services for managing those awards.