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Mobile Medical Clinic

arrowhead medical mobile clinic

Disclaimer: Please contact the Mobile Medical Clinic at the number below to confirm schedule as there may be restrictions due to coronavirus.

As part of our mission, the Mobile Medical Clinic offers a variety of healthcare services in underserved neighborhoods and remote areas of San Bernardino County. The Mobile Medical Clinic is one of the ways ARMC and the San Bernardino County work to achieve the Countywide Vision, by improving the community’s health, which creates a better quality of life.

The 40-foot clinic on wheels features two fully-functional private exam rooms and a health consultation and education area, and is staffed by medical resident physicians.

View 2024 clinic schedule and locations here.


  • Health screenings and immunizations
  • Lab testing
  • Diabetes education and care
  • Physicals and treatment for acute and chronic illnesses
  • Well-child checkups and women’s services (including mammograms, pap/pelvic exams)

Learn more about the Mobile Medical Clinic here.

Those without health insurance are welcome and may be eligible for certain programs at no cost. Patients with insurance under Medi-Cal or IEHP (numbers assigned to ARMC providers) are also welcome.

Contact Information

Clinic Hours
Monday - Thursday, 6 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

  • Clinic Days: Monday and Tuesday
  • Office Days: Wednesday and Thursday

Office Address
Arrowhead Family Health Center - Fontana
16888 Baseline Avenue
Fontana, CA 92336

Phone Numbers
For additional information, call 909-520-1207.
To schedule an appointment, call 855-422-8029.
Fax number: 909-347-1758

Breathmobile Program

Disclaimer: Please contact the Breathmobile at the appropriate number below to confirm schedule as there may be restrictions due to coronavirus.

Asthma is one of the leading causes of school absenteeism as well as the number one reason children go to the emergency room. The prevalence of asthma within the San Bernardino County is higher than many other Southern California counties. Since 2001, the Central Valley cities have encompassed the most dense area of population within the San Bernardino County, and accounts for the highest portion of all asthma hospitalizations every year. This community has been identified as having a higher population of low-income individuals diagnosed with respiratory illness. The asthma related hospitalization rates in the San Bernardino County for children between the ages of 0 – 14 years is 16.7 percent or about 76,000 children.

To contact the Breathmobile® for an appointment call 909-498-6277 - Inland Empire Or 909-213-3341 - High Desert

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and the San Bernardino County in association with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America have implemented a unique approach to pediatric asthma management by establishing a program that provides care via an “asthma clinic on wheels”. The Breathmobile® provides coordinated case identification, structured mobile office visits, diagnostic testing, physical exam, pharmacological therapy and patient/family education in asthma management. All services are provided at no cost to the patient.

The Breathmobile® staff consists of a pediatric specialty practitioner, a licensed vocational nurse and a respiratory therapist who are specially trained in asthma case management. ARMC currently operates two Breathmobiles, one visiting schools in the Inland Valley and the other in the High Desert area of the county.

Breathmobile Buss

The Breathmobile® travels to 40 different school sites throughout the San Bernardino County, rotating to each site every six weeks. During the school hours the Breathmobile® staff sees patients that attend the school site as well as any child referred from the surrounding area. A complete evaluation, examination, care plan and extensive patient family education are completed at the time of the visit. Follow-up visits require a shorter time span than the initial evaluation. The average visit requires less than 30 minutes of the child’s day. Providing care at a familiar, convenient site, often within walking distance for parents without transportation, has greatly improved patient participation and compliance with follow-up care. The Breathmobile® healthcare model has proven to be very successful in overcoming the complex social and economic barriers that can prevent successful chronic disease management in children in lower socio-economic areas. Seventy-five percent of the children participating in this program have their asthma symptoms under control by the third follow-up visit, regardless of the severity of their illness. Evaluation studies have demonstrated decreased school absenteeism, fewer emergency room visits, improved pulmonary function and exercise tolerance, and an overall improved quality of life.

The Breathmobile® team in collaboration with school nurses and health aides facilitates initial identification of patients. Ongoing communication with the school nurses and health aides help the patients remain compliant with their asthma management program.

We have achieved our goal of providing service via multiple Breathmobile® units. We are now visiting the High Desert areas, which are currently extremely underserved, and have a very high hospitalization rate for asthmatics.

We are very proud of the Breathmobile® program operating here.