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Maternal-Child Health

Welcome To Women's and Children's Services At ARMC High Performing Hospitals Maternity U.S. News 2022-2023

Our Maternal-Child department staff has the capability to care for you throughout your pregnancy and for your baby from birth to age 14.

Our Philosophy of Care

The staff of Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Maternal Child Services believes in and demonstrates their philosophy of care through every action:

  • For families in most cultures, childbirth and parenting is a rite of passage. The philosophy of the maternal/child health department is enhancing the birthing experience for every family, however that family is defined.
  • We welcome and acknowledge the diversity of our community and the families that constitute that community. The goal of nursing is to advocate the autonomy and independence of the family in their health care experience, assuring all families are treated with respect and dignity.
  • Through the Family Centered Care Model, families are assured a primary role in directing their own care and the care of their child. The family is provided with as much involvement in the healthcare experience as possible within the expressed preferences of the unique family unit, the accepted limits of safety and the needs of the patient.
  • We recognize that all patient/family experiences may not have the anticipated outcome. It is the duty and privilege of the staff to support the passage of the patient/family unit through crisis with grace and caring.
  • Families are assured that the staff will be responsive to their expressed requests in accordance with patient preference. This is accomplished through the provision of an environment that encourages family involvement.
  • Evidenced-based nursing practice is used and adherence to hospital policy and procedures are assured. Within this environment, care is personalized according to the psychosocial, educational, physical, spiritual, and cultural needs of each individual family. Maternal Unit Team
  • As the staff of Maternal/Child Health, we are committed to one another through integrated, multidisciplinary team development. Our goal is to support, nurture and enhance the personal and professional growth of one another in order that we may be more effective in contributing to the team, our patients and their families.

Labor and Delivery

Every year, our team shares in the excitement of thousands of births. While most are uncomplicated, it’s nice to know if mom is having complications, ARMC’s Maternal/Child services provide a higher-level of care.

Non-Stress Test (NST) Clinic

The NST Clinic uses an electronic fetal monitor machine and ultrasound to monitor potential problems. Pregnant women are referred to the NST Clinic from any of the 16 clinics that see women planning to deliver at ARMC.

Neonatal Intensive Care UnitNICU Nurse

When a baby is born with complications, our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is designed to promote gentle nurturing with advanced medical care for premature or critically-ill infants. The NICU is a state-of-the-art environment for babies. Specialists here provide the highest level of care to the most critically-ill infants, around the clock.

Other Services

Inpatient Pediatrics

Children can continue to receive care in our pediatric unit until age 14. This unit observes family-centered visiting hours, encouraging, supporting, and teaching family members how to care for their chronically or acutely ill child.

Maternity Welcome and Tour

Women planning to deliver, or thinking about delivering at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center are invited to attend our Welcome Tour where they receive not only a tour of the department but also information on breastfeeding.

For more information or to register, please visit the Support Groups page.

Lamaze Classes

The Maternal Child Department also offers Lamaze classes in both English and Spanish.

For more information or to register, please visit the Support Groups page.

We’re a Baby-Friendly Hospital!

ARMC received their Baby Friendly designation in 2009!

Breastfeeding is the natural end to pregnancy and an important way to continue the normal development of the baby. With the right information and the right support in place, under normal circumstances, most women who choose to breastfeed are able to successfully achieve their goal.

Becoming a Baby-Friendly hospital is a comprehensive, detailed and thorough journey toward excellence in providing evidence-based maternity care with the goal of achieving the best infant feeding outcomes and mother/baby bonding. Being a Baby-Friendly hospital creates opportunities to develop high performance work teams and build leadership skills among staff, promotes employee pride, enhances patient satisfaction and improves health outcomes.

As a Baby-Friendly hospital the staff is prepared to help you and your new baby get off to the best start. Staff is trained regarding the care of breastfeeding mothers and babies. Babies stay close to their mothers right after birth so that they can breastfeed as soon as they are ready. Policies allow healthy babies and their mothers to stay together day and night (rooming in) so they have the best chance to get to know each other.

Being together gives parents more opportunities to learn about normal baby behavior knowing that knowledgeable staff can answer their questions about their baby and breastfeeding. From those jerky baby movements, to uneven breathing patterns when trying to breastfeed - staff is readily available to talk about what you should expect from your new baby.

Baby-Friendly staff will carefully assess your baby’s feeding so that any early problems can be taken care of quickly. Staff will assist you in breastfeeding so that you feel more confident. Furthermore, if breastfeeding worries arise after you and your baby go home, the Baby-Friendly hospital has staff that can help you solve feeding problems.

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