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Diabetes Self-Management

ARMC's Diabetes Education Classes

Overview of Diabetes Education Classes:

  • ARMC’s Diabetes Education Program is called Diabetes F.I.T.
    • Foods High in NutritionDiabetes FIT logo
    • Increase Activity
    • Take medications correctly
  • The Diabetes F.I.T. program is accredited by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE).
  • Our Goal is to provide our client’s with the knowledge, skills and support they need to successfully life healthy and fit lives with diabetes.

What Do We Offer?woman in classroom teaching

  • Group classes
    • Offered in Spanish and English at various times and locations
    • Consists of a series of 3 two hour classes
    • Snacks are provided during class, free of cost
    • One family member or caregiver is welcome to attend the classes with you
    • Upon completion of all three classes you will receive a Certificate of Completion and a goody bag!
  • Individual consults
    • Available for all other languages
    • Available for special circumstances
  • Direct access to certified diabetes educator(s)
    • Diabetes educators will follow up with participants who complete the diabetes education series via telephone calls for one year
    • All participants receive the phone number to the Diabetes Education Team for any questions they have related to diabetes

What Will You Learn?woman taking blood sugar levels from another woman

  • Class # 1: Basics of Diabetes
    • What is diabetes?
    • Monitoring blood sugar
    • American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) target goals for A1c, LDL, blood sugar, and blood pressure
    • Problem Solving: hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
  • Class # 2: Diabetes & Nutrition
    • Healthy eating: good vs. bad fats, food groups
    • How food affects blood sugar levels
    • Carbohydrate counting
    • How to plan a healthy meal
    • You will receive individualized meal plan
  • Class # 3: Exercising, Medication & Delay of Health Risk
    • Being Active: ADA’s recommendations,
  • exercise prescription
    • Taking Medication: Pills and Insulin, sharps disposal/rotating sites3 students listening in classroom
    • Problem Solving: Sick day rules
    • Healthy Coping: Diabetes burnout, mental health services
    • Reducing Risks: Foot exams, quit smoking, complications of diabetes
    • SMART Goals: learn how to set goals to help improve your health and diabetes

How Do I Register for Classes?

  • Ask your primary care provider to submit a referral to ARMC Diabetes Education Program
  • If you do not have insurance, please contact us as there are resources available to help if you qualify

For More Information Call:

Xavier Karikitan, MSN, RN
Diabetes F.I.T. Program Coordinator

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