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Community Outreach

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center offers a number of support groups, educational classes and mobile clinics to serve members of our community. Please click on the appropriate link on the right to learn more.

    Joint Conference Committee

    The most recent Joint Conference Committee meeting was held on Thursday, June 20, 2024. Please check back here for the next meeting date.

    Together 4 IE

    Don’t risk your health! Get health care you can afford. Learn more at the Together 4 IE website here or view these flyers (English and Spanish) for more information.

    Health Scene Magazine

    Check out the latest issues of ARMC’s Health Scene Magazine at the links below!

    Food Assistance Resources

    1. Click here for food assistance resources in San Bernardino County.

    Wellness Tips and Resources

    Positive Parenting, Thriving Kids
    The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), in partnership with the Child Mind Institute, released a new video series called Positive Parenting, Thriving Kids - championed by First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom. This video series will give parents and caregivers additional resources to face potential parenting challenges they may encounter, particularly as it relates to the mental health of the children in their lives.

    Click here to watch the videos!

    Tips for coping with shelter in place/isolation and depression related to COVID-19:

    • Give yourself a daily schedule. Plan your day with a variety of activities to help you care for yourself, care for others, care for your immediate environment and to feel a sense of normalcy and purpose and to feel connected. Some of these activities may include:
      • Maintain a bedtime and wake up time. Follow your usual daily hygiene schedule including getting dressed as if you were leaving the home.
      • Make your bed and follow through with regular household chores.
      • Reach out individually to friends or family, even those you have not talked to in a while, to see how they are doing via phone, video call, text or even written and mailed letters/cards. This is different than posting and commenting on social media as it has a much more personal feel.
      • Find ways to exercise at home and engage in some routine that includes exercise. There are several videos on YouTube that can be accessed for free on exercises that can be done at home with little to no equipment.
    • Give each week a theme. Break up the monotony by creating themes for yourself or your family. These themes could be related to what you are watching, what you are eating, what you wear or other habits. Some examples include: get a lot of sleep week, walking week (try to walk a total of 20 miles in the week), documentary week (watch those documentaries you have been interested in, but haven’t gotten around to), nature week (find ways to get out into nature as well as ways to learn about nature).
    • Increase your sense of connection by listening to podcasts. Podcasts are available for free on the Internet and in the podcast app on smartphones. For just about any interest you have, there is likely a podcast available on the topic.
    • Join an online support group. Many organizations have begun to hold meetings online, opening up the possibility for attending meetings you might not have been able to before. Here are some links:

    Tips for coping with anxiety: