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San Bernardino County Home to Prestigious Desert Foot Race

San Bernardino County Home to Prestigious Desert Foot Race

Baker, California, a census-designated place at the edge of San Bernardino County, is a welcome stopping point for travelers on Interstate 15. It is commonly known for being home to the World’s Tallest Thermometer as well as the gateways to Death Valley National Park and the Mojave National Preserve. However, did you know that every spring, more than 8,000 individuals travel to Baker to take part in an internationally renowned, 120-mile road relay race including law enforcement officers from around the world called Baker to Vegas?

During this race through the Mojave Desert, 300 teams of runners pass through 20 stages to reach the finish line in Las Vegas, Nevada. The race takes place every spring, meaning participants must endure hot days and cold nights during the course of the event. At each stage, a new runner takes over for their respective team to tackle the next leg of the race, which can range anywhere from a 4 mile stretch to more than 10 miles.

Participants include runners, guests, family members and support staff, including physicians from Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. Dr. Troy Pennington, one of ARMC’s emergency room physicians, serves as Medical Director for the race. ARMC staff are stationed throughout the entire course to provide medical support to runners, including but not limited to injuries, heat exhaustion, heat stroke or dehydration. One year, a runner suffered cardiac arrest and with the help of the runner’s friend and the ARMC medical team, they were able to save the runner’s life.

While most of the race takes place outside of San Bernardino County, Baker to Vegas is still an important event to come through our community. Individuals wishing to volunteer can visit the Baker to Vegas website to learn more. The next time the event rolls around, grab a group of coworkers, take a small trip through our county, and see what the race is all about!