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ARMC Participates in Mass Casualty Incident Drill

ARMC Participates in Mass Casualty Incident Drill

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC) recently partnered with Eisenhower Health in the Coachella Valley to execute a comprehensive mass casualty drill on Monday, March 4. The drill aimed to assess and enhance the preparedness of both institutions in handling mass casualty incidents. Participants were presented with a scenario designed to test response capabilities and identify any existing gaps.

The objective of the drill for ARMC was to test the hospital’s ability to respond effectively to a surge of patients resulting from a mass casualty incident. Throughout the exercise, ARMC staff demonstrated their proficiency in triage, patient care, communication and coordination of resources. The drill also provided an opportunity for staff to practice protocols for receiving patients, managing supplies and implementing surge capacity plans.

The exercise also focused on coordination between ARMC’s Trauma team and ER staff. ARMC’s Trauma team demonstrated swift patient influx through triage, the trauma bay, and management of a variety of patients. Since the drill scenario included an explosion, ARMC’s 14-bed burn center also had to be activated, demonstrating the comprehensive nature of the preparedness exercise.

A participant in the drill, Dr. John Brill, chief medical officer at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, commented, “The successful execution of this drill highlights our dedication to preparedness and collaboration with our health care partners. We are continuously striving to enhance our capabilities to respond effectively to any crisis that may arise.”

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center remains committed to its mission of providing high-quality, compassionate care to the diverse communities it serves. Through initiatives like this mass casualty drill, ARMC aims to maintain the highest standards of emergency preparedness and response.

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center is a 456-bed university-affiliated teaching hospital licensed by the California Department of Public Health, operated by San Bernardino County and governed by the Board of Supervisors. It is ARMC’s mission, in an environment of learning and innovation, to serve our diverse community with high-quality, compassionate care. The hospital, located on a 70-acre campus in Colton, California, operates the Edward G. Hirschman Burn Center, a level I trauma center, a comprehensive stroke center, a behavioral health center and five primary care centers. ARMC also provides more than 40 outpatient specialty care services. Arrowhead Regional Medical Center is helping to achieve the Countywide Vision by addressing the community’s wellness and educational needs. Arrowhead Regional Medical Center is the primary teaching hospital for the California University of Science and Medicine (CUSM). The university welcomed its first class of students in 2018. For more information on CUSM, visit For more information about ARMC, visit