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Additional Ways to Donate

Current Outright Gifts

Donors can make a current gift to support the ARMC Foundation by using a number of assets.

  • Cash: A cash gift is the simplest and most convenient way of making a charitable gift. Cash gifts, generally made by check or credit card, are fully deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes.
  • Securities: Gifts of appreciated securities – either stocks or bonds, can provide many tax advantages to the donor. Generally, the full fair market value of the donated securities is fully deductible as a charitable contribution. One of the additional benefits of the donation of stock is the donor does not pay federal capital gain taxes on the appreciated portion of the donated security.
  • Real Estate: A gift of real estate can provide many of the same tax advantages as a gift of appreciated securities. Contributions of real estate can be complex and take some time, but this should not deter a donor from considering such a gift. Since each gift of real estate is unique, a Foundation staff member can assist you in navigating through the process.
  • Life Insurance A gift of life insurance, either through a current policy or the creation of a new policy, is another way to make a substantial contribution to the Foundation. Donors can receive federal income tax deductions for items such as the cash value of the policy and premiums paid each year.

Planned/Deferred Gifts

Donors can also make gifts to the ARMC Foundation that will be received at some point in the future to carry on ARMC’s important work. It can be best described as a present-day decision to make a future gift. The ARMC Foundation believes that any gift of this type should involve gathering advice from professional advisors including attorneys, CPA’s, financial advisors and others. Generally, planned gifts can be made in several ways.

  • Bequests: Bequests are donations made through wills or trusts, and are transferred after the death of the donor. A bequest can be a specified dollar amount or a percentage of the donor’s estate. Contact the ARMC Foundation for sample language that can be used to make a bequest.
  • Will or Living Trust: Many donors include a bequest to the Foundation in their wills or living trusts. The gift can be a specified dollar amount or a percentage of the donor’s estate. Donors can minimize federal income and estate taxes by utilizing this planning technique. Contact the ARMC Foundation for sample language that can be used to make a bequest.
  • Retirement Plans: Using IRAs and other retirement plan assets provides the donor a number of significant financial and tax advantages. Unlike many assets, retirement plan assets are potentially subject to both income and estate taxes. Naming the Foundation as the beneficiary of a retirement plan can eliminate estate and income taxes, if the gift is structured properly. Examples of retirement fund vehicles that can be used to make a gift include IRAs or 401 (k) plans. The easiest way to make a gift from your retirement fund is to change the beneficiary designation to name the ARMC Foundation as one of the recipients.