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Program Goals & Student Learning Outcomes

The mission of the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology is to provide the educational environment necessary to prepare graduates who are competent in diagnostic radiography and possess the professional ethics and practices associated with quality patient care

Fulfillment of the program’s mission is assessed by the degree the program achieves the following goals and student learning outcomes (SLOs):

GOAL #1 - Graduate students who are clinically competent.
  • Students will apply proper patient care and positioning techniques.
  • Students apply proper use of radiation safety devices and employ the ALARA principle.
  • Employers will rate the graduate’s overall clinical performance as adequate or higher.
GOAL #2 - Graduate students with problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Students will modify routine imaging parameters based on patient’s condition.
  • Students will demonstrate acceptable image evaluation during competency.
  • Employers will rate the graduate’s problem solving and critical skills as adequate or higher.
GOAL #3 – Graduate students who demonstrate effective communication skills.
  • Students will present an oral report of their research project.
  • Students will demonstrate written communication on their Self-Evaluation.
  • Employers will rate the graduate’s communication skills as adequate or higher.
GOAL #4 - Graduate students who display professional values and good ethical behavior and strive for continued personal and professional growth.
  • Students will display professional behavior in the clinical setting.
  • Senior students will observe other modalities and submit a summary.

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