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Technical Standards & Physical Demands

During the course of the program the student will be exposed to electricity, infectious materials and radiation. The student will be instructed on the use of specialized protective equipment and clothing. The student must be prepared for the following physical demands of the clinical setting:

Frequent walking and standing. Occasional sitting and bending. Requires power grasping, precision grasping, pushing/pulling, and fine manipulation in both hands. Reach or work occasionally above and below shoulder level. Occasionally requires use of both feet to operate foot controls or for repetitive movement. Visual and auditory requirements: continuously demonstrate near and far vision; frequently demonstrate color discrimination, discern speech in quiet/noisy locations, locate origin of sounds, and discern non-speech sounds. Use sense of smell and/or touch to distinguish/identify odors/objects. Frequently lift and carry 10 lbs or less; and occasionally lift and carry over 100 lbs.

Carry items up to 200 yards, and up to 3 feet for heaviest item carried (250-lb patient with assistance).

nurse with radiology patient