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The Office of Research and Grants encourages principal investigators to consider publishing their research in journals and other publications.

A full list of publications at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center may be found at the National Library of Medicine through

Things to Consider When Looking to Publish:

  1. Preparing Your Manuscript For Submission:

Now that you have completed the writing stage of your paper, and you are ready to submit your manuscript for publication in the journal of your choice, it is highly recommended to first EDIT and REVISE your manuscript. This extra step and attention to detail will help you become a successful writer and will give you the extra edge that can get your manuscripts published rather than rejected. You will want to find several people; your mentor, Attending’s, Co-Authors, various colleagues (look for those who are experienced in journal publishing), statisticians, research staff, and ask them to read your manuscript and provide critical reviews. Provide a double-spaced copy of the manuscript for comments and a copy for the peer review form to each person for review.

When you ask colleagues to review the manuscript indicate:

    • Where and when you are planning to submit your article and when you are hoping to get the peer review back (allow at least two-three weeks, they are doing you a favor)
    • Ask them to mark sections they find difficult to understand.
    • Summarize in the margins their reactions to the paper.

Things to remember:

    • Remember that critical feedback is necessary for anyone who wants to be a distinguished writer and do not take it as a personal attack rather as a critique to help you improve your research writing skills. Address your colleagues concerns and edit your paper if necessary.

Make sure you are thanking the editors in the acknowledgments. Also it is recommended to give a copy of your acknowledgments to everyone you thank so that you can make sure they are happy with what you put in regards to their job title, degrees and contribution to the paper.

  1. What is Peer Review?

Peer review is a process in which articles are examined by people with credentials in the article’s field of study before it is published. Articles are reviewed by experts who are not part of a journal’s editorial staff.

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