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Protocol Application and Forms

  1. IRB Procedure
    Submit IRB application and supporting documents—including the application with all the proper signatures, protocol summary, consent forms, and proof of CITI certification—to
  2. CITI-Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative
    Each new research application is required to have a certificate of completion from CITI for each investigator and research team member listed on the application. Follow this link to complete training and make sure to print out your certificate.
  3. Application Instructions and Guidelines
  4. New Study Forms
    1. IRB Application
    2. ARMC Consent Template
    3. Attachment A - Additional Sub-Investigators
    4. Attachment B – Conflict of Interest
    5. Protocol Summary Outline
    6. California Bill of Rights
    7. Protocol Amendment
    8. Case Study Memo
    9. Case Study Consent
    10. PHI Authorization Form
  5. Ongoing Study Forms
    1. Add Investigator Memo
    2. Request for Revisions
    3. Prospective Annual Review Form
    4. Retrospective Annual Review Form
    5. CITI Instructions
    6. ARMC Intranet
  6. HIPAA/Ethics in research
    1. HIPAA Privacy Rule Form
    2. Application for Alteration or Waiver of HIPAA Authorization